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Our Principles

Samsung Asset Management emphasizes business ethics, principles, and corporate governance as the backbone of our corporation in order to deliver long-term growth for all stakeholders including investors, shareholders, and local communities. We prioritize legal and internal control guidelines above AUM or ROA in all decisions.

We are committed to ensuring all employees execute business decisions in tandem with internal compliance, code of comply with laws and regulations, and demonstrate high ethical and moral standards in the work environment.

As a member of Samsung Group, Samsung Asset Management complies with Samsung Business Principles which provides guidelines to all Samsung employees when making decisions, executing strategies, and performing business activities.

We also address social and environmental issues relevant to the business model in order to drive long-term sustainable growth.

Samsung Business Principles

    Law & Ethics

    • We respect the dignity and diversity of individuals.
    • We compete in a fair manner by obeying the law and following business ethics.
    • We ensure accounting transparency with accurate accounting records.
    • We take a neutral political stance and distance ourselves from interfering in politics.
  • Clean Culture

    • We draw a clear line between private and public matters in all activities.
    • We protect and respect the intellectual property(IP) rights of the company and others.
    • We are committed to our principles and firm culture.
  • SAMSUNG People

    • We place customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list in all our business activities.
    • We pursue shareholder-oriented management.
    • We strive to make sure employees enjoy a high quality of life.
  • Environment, Safety & Health

    • We pursue environmentally friendly management practices.
    • We greatly value the health and safety of all people.
  • Social Responsibility

    • We go well beyond fulfilling our basic responsibility as a corporate citizen.
    • We respect the social and cultural characteristics of local communities and contribute to improving the
      quality of life in these areas.
    • We maintain a mutually prosperous relationship with our partners.