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Our Leadership

Dear Clients,

Over the past year, we at Samsung Asset Management have, yet again, striven to fulfill our responsibilities
as Korea’s leading asset management company by managing AUM of KRW 230 trillion, the largest amount
entrusted to a single company in the country.

As one of our outstanding track records, KODEX ETFs reached KRW 20 trillion. Recognition for KODEX ETFs,
positioned as the no. 1 in market share, extended beyond the domestic market to Asia. Moreover,
overseas funds sales reached the KRW 1 trillion mark, reflecting our proven management capabilities
in the ASEAN and Chinese markets.

We also excelled across other business segments. Samsung Asset Management was appointed as
the lead manager for the Government Pension Pool for five consecutive terms. For the pension fund
market, Target Date Fund(TDF) reached approximately 50% in market share.

Samsung Asset Management will not remain complacent with the current performance and stance as the no.1 asset management company in Korea,
but will aim higher to compete in the pan-Asia and global market. We will pursue this mission with a great sense of pride and responsibility
as Korea’s leading asset manager.

We look forward to your continued support and interest in Samsung Asset Management.

Thank You,

CEO Youngmuk Jeon