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Global Presence

  • Samsung Asset Management
    (Hong Kong) ETF

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    Established in November 2007, Samsung Asset Management (Hong Kong) Ltd. (SAM HK) has become an important pillar in global fund management with its concentration in the Asian markets. It has a diverse Asia-focused product lineup ranging from Greater China to India and emerging ASEAN markets.

    On the back of its track record of success, SAM HK manages funds for Korea’s major institutional investors including the sovereign wealth fund and large pension funds. It has also been recognized by overseas institutional investors for its expertise in investments, successfully attracting capital from American and European investors.

    As of the end of 2018, the AUM size of SAM HK is over KRW 2.5 trillion. Furthermore, SAM HK was the first mover to introduce four ETF products including HSI and HSCEI leveraged/inverse ETF in the Hong Kong stock market in March 2017. By September 2016, the firm also established an asset management advisory firm in Beijing to promote synergy in mainland China. SAM HK not only plan to strengthen management capabilities, SAM HK plans to actively engage in local-to local business by enhancing its marketing ability and to strengthen its product line-ups to become one of the representative Asia fund management company.

  • Samsung Asset Management
    (New York) Inc.

    Established in 1994 as a local subsidiary of Samsung Life Insurance, SAM NY has been investing in equities and bonds in the local market as well as conducting market research as a qualified institutional buyer based on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The acquisition of SAM NY enabled Samsung Asset Management to complete a round-the-clock global trading platform covering all time zones.

    SAM NY strives to deliver returns above a benchmark by constructing optimal investment portfolios based on rigorous analysis of the U.S. macro economy, industry and corporate fundamentals, and by managing risk profiles through market expansion to Canada, Central and South America.

    Going forward, SAM NY will focus on establishing marketing strategies and conducting relevant activities for major institutional investors including pensions and funds to attract the inbound investment from US.

  • Samsung Asset Management
    (London) Ltd.

    Established as the first overseas asset management subsidiary of Samsung Life Insurance in April 1991, Samsung Asset Management (London) Ltd. (“SAM London”) was acquired by Samsung Asset Management in December 2015, completing SAM Korea's global asset management infrastructure.

    SAM London is the only Korean asset management company that manages assets directly in Europe. Over the past 27 years, it developed its capacity for long term overseas bond investments, primarily focusing on European sovereign bonds, public and private corporate bonds. SAM London is able to identify public corporations with outstanding credit ratings by leveraging its local presence in Europe through senior management interviews and company visits.

    Moving forward, SAM London will increase its efforts to not only invest funds from Korean clients in overseas assets, but also secure funds from overseas clients into Korean financial products to become a true global financial hub.