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Reliable Investment Partner in Korea

As the leading asset management firm in Korea, we strive to stay ahead of our peers, aiming to sow the seeds of tomorrow, with an eye towards growing into a premier asset manager in the Asian region.

  • Established in 1998
  • Asset Management arm of Samsung Group
  • No. 1 asset manager in Korea by AUM (USD 112.5bn as of year 2014)
  • About Us / Since its establishment in September 1998, Samsung Asset Management has been leading Korea’s asset management business.
  • Subsidiary / Samsung Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited has been making laudable progress through investments in China and other emerging Asian markets.
  • Flagship Products / Offers a wide variety of funds covering both Korean domestic and global markets.
  • Investment Management / Aims to deliver long-term sustainable risk-adjusted return via a team-based, fundamental-focused, bottom-up approach.
  • Risk Management / Operates an all-round risk management process centering on a system of managing all risks in three phases: pre-monitoring, ongoing-monitoring and post-compliance check.
  • Sustainability Report / Aiming for long-term and sustainable growth, Samsung Asset Management will stay devoted to ethical, transparent, and socially responsible management. / PDF Download
Don't show me only today.
Don't show me only today.